The Karnataka Branch of the Association for Social Health in India is one of the pioneer organizations set up in 1929 for the upliftment of women and children. There are five schemes through which the association extends its services.



Abhayashram is a home for destitute women, unwed mothers, deserted wives and runaway girls. It was started in a humble way in the year 1935 with just 7 girls rescued from immoral ways. As the Government has established its own rescue homes, admission to our home is voluntary. Since its inception, thousands of women and children have been given shelter and protection. The home provides them with the much needed love and care. The main objective of this home is to rehabilitate them back to the society as honorable citizens.


VATSALYA – Est: 1975

Vatsalya is a home away from home for girls who are orphans, destitute and in moral danger. The home provides opportunities for children to get good education and also training in arts and music. Emphasis is given on the overall development of the child, which paves way for them to be self-confident and self-reliant. Individual talent is identified and encouraged.



This is a free creche for children whose mothers work as manual laborers. The children are provided with nutritious food, medical care, recreation, and toys.



Free counselling is offered with the help of a panel of expert counselors, doctors, psychologists, advocates and social workers to people under emotional stress arising out of marital discord and interpersonal maladjustment. Complete confidentiality is assured for clients.


Swadhar Gruha SHORT STAY HOME – Est: 1987

Our short stay home provides temporary shelter for women and their young children who have no place to go to when they are in distress. The main objective of the short stay home is to reconcile and reunite these women with their families. The home provides them with counseling, medical care, legal aid and vocational training. When necessary, the children are placed in other homes for education. Job placement and training programs are an integral part of this scheme.



We appeal for donations for maintenance of buildings, education and vocational training program.

Donations are exempted from Income Tax under section 80G of Income Tax department.

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